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It is a conservation, ecological restoration and sustainable development project that takes place in El Carmen, Manabí, in the Ecuadorian Chocó area.

It began in the year 2020, when efforts were joined with Anelio Loor, who has conserved this remnant of forest for more than 20 years. The project starts with the study of biodiversity in which endangered animal species such as the howler monkey (Alouatta palliata) and new tree species (Ecuadorian Aniba and Guatteria Esperanzae).

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Registered fauna diversity
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La Esperanza Forest is a biodiversity refuge that is disconnected from other forest remnants. Its conservation and restoration contributes to the health of many species and to the provision of ecosystem services such as the regulation of pests and diseases, water provision and maintenance of the nutrient cycle.

Activities in La Esperanza Forest
Ecological restoration
  • Reproduction and planting of native plants.

  • Reforestation of spaces affected by livestock. 

  • Monitoring the restoration process to generate learning, improve and replicate these practices. 

  • The project seeks to generate  connectivity corridors between forest patches in order to increase the resilience of the entire landscape. 

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Education and community work

Constant training with the communities near Bosque La Esperanza to encourage and develop skills in agroforestry, agroecology, ecological restoration, bio-entrepreneurship and ecotourism. 

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Scientific research

Generation of knowledge about biodiversity, ecology, animal behavior and restoration processes. This knowledge supports the other lines of work. 


La Esperanza Forest project is developped thanks to the contribution of international funds, donations and contributions from individuals, national and international companies, organizations, collaborating universities and volunteers who are committed to the creation of resilient landscapes. 

This project continues to grow thanks to the interest and generosity of companies and institutions from different areas of society. Specific donations or the development of institutional projects contribute to achieving the objectives of restoration and community development around this magical forest. 

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For donations  or the realisation of social and environmental responsibility projects, contact us at:

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