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" We are people who care about nature conservation "

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Our story

Those who today are the founders of Great Leaf have been direct witnesses of the environmental damage caused by the overexploitation of natural resources and that is why joined forces to generate concrete changes, where ideas are translated into actions in favor of conservation for sustainable development. This is how Great Leaf seeks to be an agent of change in Ecuador, being an institution that generates projects that contribute to society and the conservation of nature.

Great Leaf was founded by people committed to the conservation of ecosystems of Ecuador, whose interest stems from his professions and his passion for nature. Thus, the Foundation is headed by a interdisciplinary team with experience in different fields that converge in the same interest, the nature preservation.


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Biologist, Master in Environment, granted by University of Melbourne – Australia, with specialization in conservation and sustainable cities. Liliana has worked in research of native plants for their propagation and use in various restoration projects and generation of new ecosystems. She was recognized in 2017 by UN Environment in the “Young Champions of the Earth” contest. In the same year she won the “Urban Entrepreneurship Challenge” in Quito, promoted by IMPAQTO and the IDB. In 2018, Liliana obtained the “Women4Climate” recognition, organized by the C40, for her work with native plants in the city of Quito. Currently, Liliana actively develops research and environmental education to encourage conservation in the country.

We're a team



Environmental Engineer, master’s in quality management, Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention graduated at Politécnica de Madrid. Marjorie has been Regional Manager of Quality, Safety, Health, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. She has developed management systems for large and small businesses, helping organizations improve their overall performance and providing a solid foundation for sustainable development initiatives. Nature lover, she has created and managed projects focused on environmental conservation and forest protection.

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Biologist, PhD in Zoology and Behavioral Ecology graduated at La Trobe University-Australia. Andrea’s research focus in Ecology, Behavior, Diversity and Evolution. She has developed studies to estimate the anthropogenic impact on amphibian and reptile communities in tropical and subtropical forests of the coast and Amazonian regions of Ecuador. Additionally, Andrea collaborates in social management projects, studding the impact of livestock agriculture in local fauna, working with several communities in the province of Guayas.


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Honorary Member




Economist by profession, Andrés completed a Master's in Taxation at the IAEN-Ecuador. Likewise, he obtained the title of master’s in management at La Trobe University - Australia. He has extensive experience in tax, financial and project management. Also, he has participated in different circular economy ventures as co-founder and he has won entrepreneurship competitions such as StarupWeekend Quito 2019.

Botanical Parabiologist. Anelio is the field administrator of Bosque La Esperanza, a member of the El Zapote community and an honorary member of the Great Leaf Foundation. Anelio was trained as a plant parataxonomist within the Yasuní Dynamic Forest Plot project in the Ecuadorian Amazon, directed by the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE) and for 23 years Anelio has been protecting a remnant forest “La Esperanza”.

Mechanical Engineer by profession, specialized in management, evaluation, risk and project management, with 20 years of experience in the Latin American industrial sector. Juan has been managing a multinational company in the field of safety, health, environment, sustainable development, quality and social development. He has participated in the implementation of ecotourism projects for the Ecuadorian Amazon. In addition, he is currently participating in programs for the preservation of protective forest, inclusion of indigenous communities and alternative economies for the care of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Thomas Couvreur
Scientific advisor
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He is a researcher and botanist at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), currently an invited researcher at the PUCE, Quito. His main interest lies in understanding the evolution, resilience and diversity of tropical biodiversity, and rain forests in particular, one of the most complex and diverse ecosystems on the planet.

Associate research
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He is a biologist-researcher specialized on taxonomy and systematics of small mammals; he is also the manager of the Dosel-Ecuador project. He has participated in the description of new species of rodents and bats. More recently, he has focused on conducting studies of the fauna that inhabits the canopy, focusing mainly on small mammals.

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