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Emma's experiences in Ecuador: La Esperanza forest and Quito

As a Belgian student, doing my internship in Ecuador was a unique opportunity for me to live an extraordinary experience. I was not disappointed.

The fauna and flora are so different from what I have always known. To be in a forest with hundreds of species of trees and to wake up every morning to the sound of howler monkeys is something I will never forget.

There, I learned to recognize certain plant species and to replant some of them in the nursery, I carried out wildlife monitoring (insects, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, etc.), I learned to analyze images from camera traps, but most of all I learned to observe and enjoy the environment that surrounded me.

I realized that conserving and protecting biodiversity was a full-time job that could be exhausting at times but so rewarding. Knowing that what you do has a direct impact on biodiversity gives you a feeling of well-being that I never thought I would feel.

Finally, not to spoil anything, the people I met there, despite the language barrier, were the nicest and most welcoming people I have ever met. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their welcome.

As you can see, this adventure in Ecuador has allowed me to live an extraordinary experience that I will never forget. I hope to come back one day as a researcher to continue to help the foundation to protect the Esperanza forest and consequently, to protect life on earth.

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